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OpenLDAP on CentOS 5.4 – Part 1 – Planning the Directory


Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, better known as LDAP, is a great way to store any kind of data you can think of.  Address books, user accounts, system groups, network data, and much more can all be stored in an LDAP database.  The reason for that versatility stems from the way that LDAP stores data.  An LDAP database functions in the same way as any other directory service, such as telephone directories.  It uses a tree structure to organize data and is optimized for reading that data.  Consequently, it is designated as “high read, low write.”  Due to it’s ease of use, LDAP has become the standard for storing data for networks of users big or small.  However, just because it’s easy doesn’t mean you can jump right in without some planning.
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SSH without password

Managing remote systems is a time consuming endeavour. Aside from just standard maintance, other things are required to be an effective System Administrator. One of those is secure system access. It wouldn’t be good for you (or your client) if your System Admin password was suddenly common knowledge. Just like everyone else, System Admins tend to select easy to remember, short passwords.

Fortunately, there is a solution. When connecting two Linux machines together – whether its because an administrator is connecting to a remote system, or you are doing a remote back up (you do store data off site, right?) – the ability to automatically connect to another machine is a huge time saver.

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