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Multiple IP Addresses on the same physical connection (Linux)

There are times when a server can be allocated more than one IP Address even though it contains only one physical network card. To associate these IP addresses with the server some manipulation of networking settings will need to be performed. The steps outlined in this walk-through are for RedHat based systems. This tutorial is for statically assigned IP Addresses (as a server generally will have).
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Prevent Bruteforce attacks with Fail2ban

Vigilant system administrators will notice many failed login attempts on their internet connected servers. While its good to know that you are preventing these logins, they are filling your logs and potentially making it harder to see other problems. Additionally, these failed logins are taking up bandwidth and likely trying over and over again to get into your system. Fortunately, there is a solution to preventing these attacks from continuing on a Linux based system. The following tutorial will set up Fail2ban on a RedHat based system. We will monitor failed SSH logins and failed Webmin logins. Additionally, we will set up a unique jail that will block persistant attackers for a longer period of time.

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